Foot Callous Removal

Commonly referred to as heel fissures, dry cracked feet is a condition affecting scores of people. These cracks though not deleterious in nature can be extremely painful and unsightly. They can even bleed when the person stands and can become infected. Dry skin may have a thick callus that is yellowish to dark brown in color. The skin on the inner border of the heel will appear slightly darker. These thick dry patches of skin prevent any moisturizing ingredients from getting absorbed into the underlying layers of the skin. Most people look at dry cracked feet as a nuisance and cosmetic problem, conducing to embarrassment when out on the beach.

Simply crush an aspirin and mix it with 2 to 3 drops of water. Apply the paste on corn and leave it overnight. Secure it in place with a band aid or a cotton ball. Repeat the procedure until the corn heals completely. Another quick method is by using baking soda and fresh lime water. Mix equal proportions of baking soda and lime water to make a paste. Apply this paste on the corn and leave it overnight. Baking soda causes the corn to dry and flake off. Use this method only on hard corns. foot callus remover

Acne is the most common problem that affects our skin today. No matter what age you are 15, or 40 acne can affect the appearance of your skin. Acne is caused by sebaceous glands producing excess sebum. Sebum clogs the skin and pores or the hair follicle, which forms acne. Grease, dirt, and harsh chemicals can increase and worsen the appearance of acne. Additionally changes in hormone levels, increased stress, certain medications, and squeezing or popping pimples can exacerbate acne. read more She is also a certified professional reflexologist and Yoga Instructor, certified in the ‘Bali Method’ of Yoga by Dr Madan Bali of ‘Yoga Bliss’ in Montreal, Canada.

With the problems causing top of foot pain difficult to spot and treat at home, any top of foot pain requires a visit to the doctor for a proper diagnosis and to get the proper treatment regime. The key is not to let the problem continue without treatment and to seek medical attention promptly. Not only will this lead to the quick correction and prevent deterioration, in many cases it means that pain need not be suffered unnecessarily. Sage is a common ingredient of herbal medicines, Sage bath helps combat callus, dry skin and skin inflammations. Soak the feet for at least 10 minutes each day for for two weeks.foot callus home remedy

Most sandal wearers complain about calluses being the most unsightly part of their foot. Calluses can be found on the top of your foot where a favorite pair of shoes rubs or most commonly on the heels. These are fairly simple to soften, but it takes a little preparation. Check out your local drug store to find a Callus softener. Dr. Scholl’s offers a corn and callus remover that comes in a small bottle; you use the installed ‘eye dropper’ top to cover your corns or calluses for removal. This will ensure that your feet will be callus free at the start of the really hot weather.